Born in 1971 in Vancouver, Canada, to a French mother and an Italian father, I quickly developed a taste for travel. This taste became a vital need, and was expressed through the medium of photography, which has always accompanied me. After spending my teenage years in Paris, I chose to train in Montreal, where I spent eight years studying and working. Then I spent three years in Mexico City developing my work as a professional photographer. I now live in Berlin, in order to broaden the scope of my experiences as well as that of my vision. In this pictorial as well as geographical exploration, I am essentially interested in the relationship between man and his environment. I like to use places and faces to create a series of images that illustrate the question of the border between reality and fiction. Furthermore, the editing of the series develops the meaning that my own gaze attributes to the photographs, and allows for a multiplication of the possibilities of reading. From black and white photography to colour, my approach is based on exploring the boundary between the feeling of my inner life and a gaze turned calmly towards the world.